Tower of Power (1 of 2)

While the morning was extremely chilly, the day warmed up over 50 degrees F but the wind was substantial all day.  These photos are all from Cindy (thanks Cindy!) who observed the annual set-up of one of our larger obelisks (20″) on a raft (named “Ginger”).  Larry H., Bobby K., Alex, Big John and Terry were all part of this process.  Due to a back injury, I wasn’t any help at all with this process but hope to get back in action soon.  This “Tower of Power” (1 of 2) will be floating out in the middle of the pond for the upcoming Holiday Light Show (HLS).  Alex had some gardening tasks to day but everyone else was involved with primarily HLS duties.   Our volunteers included Kathy P., Eva, Terri, Sandi, Bill O., Urban, Don, Pearl, Peg and many others today.  We continue to clear out frosted annuals and cut back perennials to make room for more HLS set up efforts.