Year End Capital Campaign: Restore the Garden Pathways

Time is taking its toll on our pathways

If you have visited the Gardens recently, it’s likely you noticed the poor condition of the Garden pathways. After 32 years of foot traffic and expected wear and tear from the elements, the paths are in dire need of our love and attention.

Many sections of the existing brick paths are uneven, cracked or broken.

Visitors of all abilities but especially those with mobility impairments, walkers, strollers, or wheelchairs, risk the chance of tripping and falling either onto the ground or into the pond. We can’t chance this happening to our loved ones any longer.

The Gardens, as a beautiful community asset, are a proven place of healing of mind, body, and soul for all ages and abilities and it’s essential to provide safe access and peace of mind for all who enter.

The proposed solution is to work with a local, small business and remove the existing path materials (prioritizing the sections that are in the worst condition and keeping the beloved memorial bricks in tact), level the ground, and install new, permeable pavers that meet ADA requirements. This will ensure that the new Garden paths are flat, level, permeable to water, and SAFE.

Example of a new and improved path
Example of a new and improved path

As a non-profit organization, the Gardens do not receive any funding from the city or state and rely solely on the generous patronage of the public to make such repairs.

This project is no small undertaking and comes with a sizeable price tag as most hardscape projects do. In total, the path removal and instillation will require ~$715,000.

Help us restore the Garden Pathways

While this figure could feel daunting, I am optimistic. We are a strong community that has proven that we come together to support what we care for.

With your financial support, the Gardens will remain a safe place for natural beauty, education, and the arts.

Thank you for your consideration and for always having our back.

It takes a village but is absolutely a labor of love.

You can contact Rotary Botanical Gardens staff with questions at [email protected].